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RPT - Rapid prototyping

Functional prototyping with 0,1 mm preciseness, 16 μ layerwidth and short deadlines

Know more about the main characteristics of printed materials we use and about our technology background

Some words about the cost effective product engineering, the importance of the reverse engineering in product development

Manufacturing first series, pattern series within two weeks

Manufacturing in small series from metal and plastic

Technological background of 3D scanning

Industrial Coatings

We started the Hungarian distribution of the Slovak PROFEX-LC water-base, corrosion protecting paints in 2007. These products are applicable on concrete and metal surfaces. Our product range contains outdoor facade and indoor wall paints, EPOXY resin floor coverings, water-base furniture lacquer and water-base road surface sign paints.

For Municipalities

Do you think there is a solution to fight against metal thieves?

What branch of art do you think GRAFFITI belongs to?

Do you know how to make the public places of your settlement even more attractive?

Bank of art treasures
Do you know how to protect effectively the art treasures of your settlement, or even to archive or reproduce those?